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What to ask your Doctor

It is important to have honest and open communication with your doctor. Be prepared! Write down the questions that you may have before your visit with the doctor. It may be helpful to have someone with you when you meet with the doctor taking notes, so you can listen to what the doctor says. Consider these questions:


  • What tests can result in a silicosis diagnosis? Are they painful?
  • How soon after the tests will I learn the results?
  • What type of silicosis do I have?


  • What medications are recommended to improve my breathing?
  • Will I need a heart/lung transplant?
  • What precautions should I have to prevent infections?

Side Effects

  • What side effects should I expect? How long will they last?
  • What side effects should I report? Whom should I call?
  • Will I eventually be able to resume my normal activities?
  • What has been your experience in caring for patients with silicosis?

You may want to print this page out to take with you to the doctor.

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